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The Very Important Pad is a unique pressure relieving pad for horses. It can be worn over or under a rug to distribute pressure from your saddle more evenly across the horse's back.


Made from Akton® Polymer, a renowned viscoelastic polymer which has been rigorously tested worldwide in 40 years of scientific research. It draws and disperses heat from the horses back, regulating temperature. It's hypoallergenic, easily cleanable and does not support bacterial growth.


Hire for 2 or 4 weeks to test out the pad for yourself! Item must be returned by end of hire period.


2 week hire for only £10

4 week hire for only £15.

£40 deposit charged in top of hire fee. This will then be refunded to you upon return in satisfactory condition.


New VIP pads available to purchase at a discounted rate after hire period. If item not returned you will be charged full price of item.

HIRE V.I.P pad

Colour: Gold

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