The Very Important Pad is a unique pressure relieving pad for horses. It can be worn over or under a saddlepad to distribute pressure from your saddle more evenly across the horse's back without interupting the fit of the saddle.


Made from Akton® Polymer, a renowned viscoelastic polymer which has been rigorously tested worldwide in 40 years of scientific research. It draws and disperses heat from the horses back, regulating temperature. It's hypoallergenic, easily cleanable and does not support bacterial growth.


All orders come with 30 day return money back guarantee. Try the pad for 30 days and return to us for full refund if you don't love it!


5 colours available of the VIP Original; Black, Blue, Gold, Coffee Brown and Warm White. The only difference between them is the colour, not the properties.


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They all fit a 17”- 18.5” saddle for all disciplines.


I personally highly recommend this pad from a physiotherapists point of view having used myself and recommended to clients then felt the benefits in the horses back and way of going without interrupting the fit of the saddle.