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Performance Animal Physiotherapy 


Established in 2017 by Kimberley Mallett

Veterinary Physiotherapist fully qualified, insured and accredited

Covering most of Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Berkshire


​INDIBA Certified Practitioner


Performance Animal Physiotherapy is delighted to bring you INDIBA® radiofrequency therapy.

  • Regenerate

  • Rehabilitate

  • Recover

Proven results with arthritis, tendon/ligaments injuries, spine & SI disorders, muscular injuries, splints, exercise recovery and overall performance.



View the range of Equine Training Band systems designed and made by us.


  • Support rehabilitation and performance management programs

  • Encourage activity, increase stride length, switch on the core and engaging the hind legs


Exclusive try before you buy, fitting service and discount available to PAP clients.


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