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The Standard Range of the PAP Training Bands System. Made on a plain cotton saddlepad with long D-straps.


Available in Universal (GP) or Dressage/lunge. Both suitable for all saddle types. Choose pad dependant on shape of horse. Dressage pad is much deeper and suitable for larger/deeper barrelled horses. Ideal for use when lunging/long-reining as well as riding.


About the Band

All Systems now come with our new purpose made Premium Training Band, made exactly to our specification. Nearly twice as thick as normal resistance band providing extra strength, and less likely to move, fold or roll. Anti-snap and anti-slip, these bands are in a league of their own. We offer 6 months guarantee on our band, should yours fail, get in contact and send us a picture along with your order number and we will send you a code to order a FREE replacement!


Designed by Veterinary Physiotherapist to support rehabilitation and performance management programs. The dual resistance band system provides proprioceptive encouragement without force or restriction. It works to increase engagement and encourage a longer stride length, as well as activate and lift the core to help build and maintain topline to ultimately condition the horse to be able to maintain and control self carriage.


The system must be used regularly and along side correct training and exercise programs to achieve these results.

​Use the PAP Training Bands System weekly whilst hacking, schooling and lunging/long-reining.


Available in Universal or Dressage for hacking, schooling, long-reining and lunging.



- Full 17"-18" saddles ~ 16-17+hh - High wither design


Generous length bands provided and can trimmed to size once fitted. If you plan to use on 17hh+, heavy or large-barrelled horse, please request extra long bands.

Standard Universal System

  • The Standard Equine Training Bands System includes;

    • 1 cotton high-wither saddlepad with long girth straps
    • Machine sewn military grade ITW side-release clips attached at optimal angle
    • Two premium latex-free resistance bands with clips attached ready for use in zip storage bag with 6 month guarantee
    • Userguide
    • Free gift subject to availability

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