Already have a pad you'd like 'converted'? You can purchase a DIY kit to sew onto you own pad. Not confident sewing? Send us your pad and we can convert it for you!


Please note, it is your responsibility to securely stitch the straps to your own saddlepad. Machine sewn is best but adaquate security can be achieved by hand stitching. Basic sewing skills and equipment required.


Or send us your pad and we can do it for you! Saddlepad needs to be standard thickness (poly pad types not suitable), and must be clean with very minimal hair on underside. Saddlepad must be posted or dropped off to us at buyers expense. Postage details will be emailed after purchase. PAP accepts no liability to loss or any damage (in extremely rare cases) caused by our sewing machines. If pads are recieved dirty or too hairy to machine sew, they will be returned 'unconverted' for refund minus handling fee of 20%.



The DIY kit comes with:

2 pre-stitched webbing straps with buckles at the correct angle to be sewn onto your own saddlepad.
2x resistance bands with buckles attached ready for use
User guide and instructions on how to fit to your own saddlepad (saddlepad not supplied)


Or if you choose to send us your pad for converting, we will email you our address to send your pad. Upon recieving your saddlepad we shall attach the buckles and send back complete with resistance bands and user guide.