Introducing the PAP Training Bands System


The PAP Training Bands System is designed to support rehabilitation and performance management programs, as advised after physiotherapy treatments and as part of exercise prescription programs. The system provides proprioceptive encouragement without force or restriction.

The resistive band system works to increase engagement, activate and lift the core to help build and maintain topline, and ultimately condition the horse to be able to maintain and control self carriage. The system must be used regularly and along side correct training and exercise programs to achieve these results.

The PAP Training Bands system is intended for use during in-hand work, lunging and riding.

It is recommended to check your horse has no underlying musculoskeletal or health issues before commencing use of the PAP Training Bands system. The system can be used as part of a rehabilitation program following injury or ailment, but it is recommended you seek advise from your veterinarian and/or physiotherapist on a suitable exercise program and inclusion of the System.

Benefits and Uses of the PAP Training Bands System

How to fit


To get the best results from the PAP Training Bands System, follow these steps and guidelines:

PAP Training Bands System - How to fit, adjust and secure the bands


1. Pre- stretch bands before first use

2. Desensitise horse with bands at tension before riding

3. Use bands from start of session

4. Use at 30-50% full tension of band

5. Use regularly as part of your training program

6. Wash bands after each use and store in bag when dry


1. Don't use for full session to start with

2. Don't adjust whilst on the horse

3. Don't use with long or sharp spurs

4. Avoid band contact with fly/body sprays

5. Don't leave in direct sunlight

6. Don't machine machine wash the bands

When to Use

The PAP Training Bands system should be used from the start of a workout, emphasizing transitions between and within gaits to encourage engagement. The System recruits' muscles that many horses do not normally use so to avoid fatigue and muscle soreness, the system must be used for short periods of time with regular walk/rest breaks during the session. Duration of use can be increased gradually as the musculature strengthens. If the horse appears fatigued or is struggling at anytime, cease use immediately.


It is recommended for use two to three times a week for the first month then reduced over time to one to two sessions per week as the horse learns to maintain his own core muscular strength. It is known that neuromuscular adaptation to new exercise takes from four to six weeks, and it takes up to three months to gain full strengthen and condition. Once the horse is fully conditioned, use of the PAP Training Bands system can be tapered down to weekly or biweekly use for maintenance of core strength and control. Individual results may vary and if any gait irregularity is noted, stop use and veterinary attention is advised.

Care and Cleaning

Wash the bands after each use with mild soap and water to remove sweat and prolong their life. Avoid contact with sprays, especially fly sprays as the ingredients can degrade the rubber. The saddle pad can be machine washed at 30° but do NOT machine wash the resistance bands. Store the pad and bands in a clean, dry state. Protect from direct sunlight, heat sources and freezing temperatures.

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