Not sure which system to go for?

Here's a summary of each with a table of sizes below

The Universal System is based on a quality, swan neck cotton general purpose pad and is ideal for most shape horses, saddles and lunging rollers.

It is available in cob/full suitable for approx 14.2hh - 17hh or pony approx 12hh - 14.2hh.

The Dressage System is based on a cotton swan neck dressage square only available in full size. This can be used with all style saddles and rollers and is especially deep so highly recommended for the larger horses as well as large-barrelled and cob type horses as this pad positions the hindquarter band the lowest.

The Jump System is ideal for use with close-contact saddles and most suited for smaller/finer type horses and ponies due to the pad not being so deep. Ideal for 14.2hh - 16.2hh event fit or TB type horses who aren't deep in the barrel as the hindquarter band is positioned higher than the Universal and Dressage Systems.

The Deluxe Fleece-lined System is half lined with extremely soft fleece with spinal clearance. This straight cut saddlepad is ideal for any type of saddle or roller and is quick drying and cushions against impact. Perfect for sensitive, cold-backed or horses recovering from kissing spine surgery. FREE Delivery on these items.

The Premium Options are the same great system made on a premium cotton pad with a moisture-wicking lining. It also features a durable anti-rub girth cover protection, complete with double touch tape girth loops for a secure and precise fit. The Premium range is available in Jump and Dressage styles. FREE Delivery on these items.


DIY Kit consists of pre-stitched buckles for you to attach onto your own pad. It is advised you use a sewing machine for best security. This kit comes with instructions on how best to fit to your pad but this is a guide only as positioning will depends on size and shape of the pad and horse. For help with this best get in contact with a picture of your pad and horse. We can also sew onto your own pads for you if you send them in but these must be new due to hygiene reasons.

All systems come with two bands with buckles attached, one longer hindquarter band and one shorter abdominal band, PLUS a FREE spare length of band! Standard lengths sent are 2m and 2.5m. This is suitable for horses up to approximately 6'9'' rugs. Horses longer than this or for particularly large barrelled horses please request extra long bands. Remember the bands are to be used at 30-50% max stretch so a 2m band is suitable for horses up to 3m buckle to buckle. They should be not used loose or baggy.

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