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PAP Training Bands User Guide

To get the best results from the PAP Training Bands System, follow these steps and guidelines:

The PAP Training Bands system is intended for use during in-hand work, lunging and riding. It is recommended to use with a professionally fitted saddle with girth done up tight to prevent slipping.

The purpose of the system is to increase engagement, activate and lift the core to help build and maintain top line, and ultimately condition the horse to be able to maintain and control self carriage. The system must be used regularly and along side correct training and exercise programs to achieve these results.

We recommend that you consult your veterinarian and/or paraprofessional (eg, Physio) that already knows your horse before using the PAP Training Bands System.


This is especially important if your horse has any musculoskeletal or health issues that could influence how you should use the PAP Training Bands System. They should be able to advise and tailor a suitable exercise program using the System specifically for your horse.

How To Fit

1. Pre-stretch the bands before first use and identify longer hindquarter band and shorter abdominal band.

2. Desensitise your horse to the bands by gently rubbing over the horses hindquarters and abdominal regions on both sides.

3. Fit the saddlepad under your saddle & secure with the girth loops or tabs.

4. Attach one band at a time. Clip onto one side & run the band under or around to the other side. Tension & smooth the band by placing a flat hand between the band & the horse.

5. Position the hindquarter band just below the point of buttock under tail. If band slides up during use, position the band higher to start with.

6. Adjust tension by shortening or lengthening the band. Unthread from slider, move buckle up or down and rethread through slider. Use at 20 - 40% full stretch for optimal results.

7. Once band tension has been established, secure by threading back through slider towards buckle. Excess band can be trimmed or tucked in.

8. Walk horse forward to get accustomed to the feeling of the band.  When your horse is happy, repeat with other band.

Ideal positioning of the bands

When to Use

For general use, introduce the PAP Training Bands to your normal work program. Always use the bands from the start of a workout, emphasizing transitions between and within gaits to encourage engagement.
Increase time of use gradually and include regular walk/rest breaks during the session. The System may recruit muscles not frequently used so be sure to monitor for fatigue and muscle soreness. Remove bands at first sign of tiredness.


It is recommended for use two to three times a week for the first month then reduced over time to one to two sessions per week as the horse learns to maintain his own core muscular strength.

Neuromuscular adaptation to any new exercise can take from four to six weeks, and it can take up to three months to gain strengthen and condition. Once the horse is fully conditioned, use of the PAP Training Bands system can be tapered down to weekly or biweekly use for maintenance of core strength and control.
Individual results may vary and if any gait irregularity is noted, stop use and veterinary attention is advised.

Top Tip:
Whilst lunging, we recommend securing the PAP Training Bands System with a saddle rather than a roller as the tension on the bands may move the pad under the roller.

Care & Cleaning

The saddlepad can be machine washed at 30°. Remove bands before washing and turn pad inside out.


Resistance bands are subject to wear and tear so please take the following steps to extend the life of your bands:


1. Pre-stretch bands before first use

2. Rinse in clean water and dry after every use. Mild soap only - do not use any cleaning products/wipes

3. Avoid contact with chemicals including fly sprays/conditioning products

4. Keep away from sharp objects, avoid use with pointed spurs

5. Protect from direct heat (sunlight/radiators) and freezing temperatures

6. Store clean and dry in storage bag provided at room temperature - roll band, do not fold

7. Check for signs of wear and replace at first sign of weakness.

6 month guarantee of our Premium Resistance Band. Should failure occur within 6 months of purchase, claim your FREE replacement length of band here.
* Only valid with purchase of our Premium PAP Training Bands System. UK only.

Spare band, buckles and accessories available in the PAP Store.

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