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We work in conjunction with vets, trainers, farriers and other paraprofessionals to improve performance & comfort, as well as aid recovery associated with exercise and injury.

We use a range of treatment modalities including manual therapy, electrophysical agents and exercises.


The aim of physical therapy exercise is to improve posture and strength specific to your horses needs.

A time lapse of initial assessment palpation.

Please note

In accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, it is now not necessary for us to gain consent from your Veterinarian for general performance/maintenance physiotherapy treatments on healthy animals. However, the animal must still be registered with a veterinary surgeon.


However, if if your horse has any illness, disease, or pathology, therapists must gain the approval of a veterinary surgeon. Under this rule, lame horses or poorly performing horses must first have been examined by a vet before the vet can approve musculoskeletal therapy.

If you need to gain consent, please download the form below, complete your part, then send to your vet for referral.

 Or alternatively, you can send your details to Kim to fill out the form and contact your veterinary surgeon on your behalf.

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